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Tooth Colored Fillings

The traditional material for filling cavities has been gold or silver amalgam. Today, we can fill those cavities with material that looks identical to your original teeth. The material is a durable, composite resin that can be shaded so that only a trained dental professional will be able to tell the difference. Composite fillings can withstand moderate pressure and can be used on both the front and back teeth for small to medium sized fillings.

The advantages of composite fillings

In addition to posing little to no health risks, tooth-colored filling materials offer several benefits. The material is more aesthetically pleasing than silver, as a dentist will often color-match the resin to the natural tooth.

Patients also cite less discomfort when having a tooth filled with composite resin over amalgam, which may be the result of two factors. Resin composite quickly bonds to the surface of the tooth and applying resin involves less drilling than using metal, which helps to preserve the maximum amount of tooth structure. Finally, patients experience less tooth sensitivity with resin than with silver.

Tooth-colored composite resin is an excellent material for restoring the teeth. If you need fillings, call our Mooresville dental office to learn about the possibility of using this material over metal.