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Gum Contouring

While your teeth might be healthy, and your gums basically healthy, sometimes the gums are uneven. You might have a bright smile, but when people look at you, they can't help but noticing something slightly amiss - your gums don't frame your teeth symmetrically, and your smile looks just a little bit odd. Dr. Schneider can perform a simple procedure to lift one part of your gum so that it exactly matches the coverage of the rest of you gum line.

Is gum contouring different than gum shaping?

These terms are used interchangeably by dentists who perform them. Some may use contouring to describe the procedure with the use of a different instrument and reshaping when lasers are used. At the end of the day, the approach and objective are very similar. It is the tools that are different. The key is that if you want your gums to look different, it doesn't really matter which term is used, both contouring and reshaping can be an excellent solution.

gum contouring mooresville before image gum contouring mooresville after image