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Digital X-rays

At Schneider Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer state-of-the-art technology, such as digital radiographs. There are several advantages to digital x-rays. First, they allow for reduced chair time because the x-rays are quickly displayed on the computer screen, eliminating the time it takes to process the film. It also allows for a more accurate diagnosis because they provide Dr. Kenneth Schneider and Dr. Catherine Schneider with higher image resolution and increased diagnostic capabilities. Digital x-rays require substantially less radiation than film and involve no chemicals whatsoever. Finally, they are also very convenient, and if needed our dental care team can give you a copy on CD or send them via e-mail.

Once the digital image is on-screen, we can adjust it if necessary, enlarging or magnifying any areas which require close inspection. This makes it much more straightforward to identify any small cavities or other areas of concern. With digital radiography, we can diagnose any problems more efficiently and more quickly, without the need to wait until an x-ray film is developed. It is also very straightforward for us to show you these images on-screen and to explain any problems and how best to treat them.

If the team at Schneider Smiles feels a second opinion is necessary, your digital x-rays can be sent to a specialist very easily.