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Dental Bonding is a process where a light, composite resin is applied to teeth to correct minor chips, cracks or separations between teeth. Unlike veneers which slip over the teeth, the teeth are first etched to provide a good surface for the bond, the bonding material is brushed on in layers, each one hardening is a few minutes under a high-intensity light, and the final layer is polished to match your natural tooth enamel. The whole procedure can be done one visit, unless there is a need for extensive bonding on several teeth.

Dental bonding is a method of restoring and creating veneers that can cosmetically improve chipped or cracked teeth, change the color of teeth, or reshape teeth with a composite resin material. Cosmetic dental bonding also allows us to even out a slightly crooked smile without braces or time-consuming return visits. With our expertise and a variety of artful stains, we can create uncommonly beautiful restorations not before seen with this material. Cosmetic bonding can now become naturally beautiful esthetic bonding.

Very little of the original tooth structure is removed, yet bonding can create a more esthetically pleasing and vibrant look. And composite veneers can often be beautiful solutions at a fraction of the cost of porcelain.

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