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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Oral cancer refers to cancer that develops in any of the parts that make up the mouth. Oral cancer is one of several types of cancer grouped in a category called head and neck cancers. Mouth cancer and other head and neck cancers are often treated similarly.

While some think this is a rare cancer, mouth cancers will be newly diagnosed in about 115 new individuals each day in the US alone, and a person dies from oral cancer every hour of every day. When found at early stages of development, oral cancers have an 80 to 90 % survival rate. Unfortunately, at this time, the majority are found as late stage cancers, and this accounts for the very high death rate of about 43% at five years from diagnosis, and high treatment related morbidity in survivors. Late stage diagnosis is not occurring because most of these cancers are hard to discover, it is because of a lack of public awareness coupled with the lack of a national program for opportunistic screenings which would yield early discovery by medical and dental professionals. Worldwide the problem is far greater, with new cases annually exceeding 450,000.

It is important that you see your dentist on a regular schedule. Even though you may be conducting frequent self-exams, sometimes dangerous spots or sores in the mouth can be very tiny and difficult to see on your own. The American Cancer Society recommends oral cancer screening exams every 3 years for persons over age 20 and annually for those over age 40, but you’re in luck – these screenings take place during a typical dental checkup.

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Your Smile Hates It when You Do This | Mooresville Dentist

No one wants to have a toothache, but if we don’t look after our teeth between checkups, you’re risking the chance of creating dental issues in the future. We need to practice daily dental hygiene, but if you don’t practice good dental habits, you’re at risk of some rough checkups. The following are some things you should avoid in order to keep your smile as healthy as possible:

Soda. Whether it is diet or not, your favorite sugary soda is a total smile saboteur.

Hard candy. Savoring a sweet sucker might seem innocent enough but sucking on these candies exposes your mouth to harsh sugars for longer periods of time, and chewing them can break or crack teeth, fillings, and sealants.

Ice. Ice is just frozen water but chewing on the cubes can cause major damage. Dental experts say nibbling on ice is a major no-no as it can easily crack or break teeth.

White wine. While red wine can cause discoloration, white wine might actually trigger even more damage due to its acidity.

Chewy candy. Sticky candies get stuck between braces and teeth, allowing plaque to build up. Plus, a chewy candy can easily take a tooth out.

PB&J. The high sugar content of all three ingredients means that as soon as you bite in, enamel-eroding bacteria go on a feeding frenzy. And because peanut butter and jelly are both sticky, they allow the bacteria to adhere to your teeth.

Dried fruit. You may think you’re choosing the healthy option bursting with nutrition, they’re also packed with a dense dose of sugar and non-soluble cellulose fiber, which can trap sugars around the tooth.

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A Brush Twice a Day Keeps the Dentist Away | Mooresville Dentist

Yes, that title is misleading – because you will always need your dentist. In fact, you need to see your dental professional twice a year in order to maintain your healthiest smile. But practicing proper dental hygiene will make those visits much more pleasant. So, let’s take a moment to take stock on your dental practices. If you find that there is room for improvement, now is the time to make those changes. You’re one step closer to a bright, healthy smile!

It is no secret that you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and for at least two minutes – in the morning to start the day with fresh clean breath, and before bedtime to prevent any remaining cavity-causing bacteria from settling in your mouth while you sleep. Try rinsing between meals to keep bacteria from settling in.

When choosing your toothbrush, stick to soft bristles so that it is gentle on your gums. Hard bristles don’t mean a better clean and can be harsh on your gums. If you want mechanical, there are pros to them, but it isn’t necessary and won’t give you a better clean. Daily attention given to your teeth will give you those results.

There is one bit of our dental routines that seems to be the most forgotten – flossing. Flossing plays a very important part in our dental routines. Not only does it get stuff stuck deep between each tooth, but it also keeps your gums healthy by preventing bacteria from getting inside and causing infection. Don’t neglect flossing – it can really prevent lots of dental issues in the future.

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