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Dental anxiety is common among kids and adults alike. Memories of unfortunate experiences can be triggered by certain sights and sound present in the dental office. While different types of intervention may begin to alleviate these triggers over time, there is a simpler way to get through your next visit to the dentist.

When dentists perform restorative procedures, there are typically a variety of sedation options available to the individual. The two main ones are nitrous oxide and intravenous (IV) sedation. The inhalation of nitrous allows a patient to relax, but IV sedation can guide the patient into a deeper relaxation and in some cases, lull them to sleep.

The following are the benefits of utilizing IV sedation for sleep dentistry.

– In contrast to general anesthesia, IV sedation is safer and allows you to retain consciousness.

– Administration of the drug tailored to the patient’s needs

– The results of IV sedation are reliable and the most effective means of sedation

– Due to the amount of control your practitioner has with the dosage of IV administered,    your recovery time is shorter than with oral sedation.

– If you are particularly sensitive to your gag reflex, IV sedation will relax the reaction,    but your dentist may recommend nitrous oxide

Remaining consistent with your oral health in your daily life, as well as with regular check-ups, are the best way to avoid unfavorable experiences at the dentist. It’s also important to find. A dentist who understands your concerns and helps navigate you through any session as peaceably as possible. If you do enter into a restorative process, discuss your concerns with your dentist to see if IV sedation may be right for you.

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