Time to Bond in the Summer Sun | Mooresville Dentist

Summertime is the ultimate time for active outdoor fun. Whether you are a nature lover or a sporty athlete, getting outside during these hot summer months is the best. The problem with being so physical is that there is a chance that you could accidentally chip your tooth. It’s something that happens to the best of us, but will your tooth ever be the same?

First, get to a dentist. The sooner you get there, the better your odds are to fix your tooth. One of the more popular treatments for chipped or broken teeth is bonding. Your dental professional will repair your teeth by adding a compound that will adhere, or bond, to your tooth. Once bonded, your dentist will design and match your tooth’s natural color to blend in perfectly.

Plastic resin and silica filler join together to create a replica to the material that makes up our teeth. Add in some porcelain and you have yourself a tooth that will rival your natural versions. Ceramics have been used in the dental world since the early 1900’s. as time went on, the compounds have changed to become stronger, more natural look and feel adhered to your mouth. Resin got its start in the 1970’s in order to secure crowns in a patient’s mouth. Over the next couple decades, resin has advanced so much that it can not only bond to the original tooth better but can also be used to make bridges look and function just as the original teeth would.

So, take your hikes and play your sports. Just be careful and make sure you have your dentist’s number handy.

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